Instruction Manual

1. Introduction

There are eleven (11) sectors in the top menu namely - Agriculture & Allied, Social, Industrial, Finance, Administrative, Demography, Infrastructure, NGO, Economy, Economic Census and Others Sector.
Each sector consists of their corresponding department; their data & any relevant information disclosed.

Simply scroll through & click on any one of these department panel to view the information within.

2. Department Panel

Upon selecting a department panel, there exists two (2) options - district & year changing option on the left hand side, these options are used to change the current active year & district (which display data accordingly).
A printer icon is placed on the top right side with a ready-to-go printing function, and the remark section goes beneath the main section.

3. Year-Wise & District-Wise

Almost all department have year-wise & district-wise panel attached just below their deparment heading.

These panels depict the data availability of their concerned department according to year-wise & district-wise.

       i) Year-Wise:
Upon selecting a department's year-wise option, choose the district & year of your choice from the drop-down menu option, or if the choice is the compilation of all district, then the choice would be 'State', which is the summation of data from every district. Then the next step would be to choose the range year i.e starting & ending year.
Once year range selection is complete, click on the 'Make Compilation' button to display the requested data.

       ii) District-Wise:
Upon selecting, choose your target year from the drop-down menu option, hit the 'Make Compilation' button and then the district-wise data would be displayed accordingly with a view to pdf print or export to excel format.

4. Diagram

The diagram panel shows the visual graphical representation of the concerned data/information.

Upon selecting, choose the district, range year and parameter of your choice, and then click on the 'Make Compilation' button to display the chart.

Note: The district wise chart is shown as per the selection of the ending range year.

5. Summary

The mode of operation for each department/section in any sector are basically the same as that of the steps mentioned above.

Feel free to roam around!