• "Only facts count and facts are stubborn"
       - Lenin

  • "The fundamental aim of Statistics is to give
    determinate and adequate knowledge of reality
    with the help of numbers and numerical analysis"
       - Prof P.C. Mahalanobis

  • "Statistics is the study of how information should be
    employed to reflect on, and give guidance for action
    in a practical situation involving uncertainty"
       - V. Barnett

  • "Measure, measure, measure.
    Measure again and again to find out the
    difference and the difference of the difference"
       - Galileo

  • "Scientific laws are not advanced by the principle
    of authority or justified by faith or medieval philosophy;
    statistics is the only court of appeal to new knowledge"
       - Prof P.C. Mahalanobis

  • "All knowledge is, in the final analysis, history.
    All sciences are, in the abstract, mathematics.
    All methods of acquiring knowledge are essentially through statistics."
       - Prof C.R. Rao

  • "A time series is a set of statistical observations
    arranged in chronological order."
       - Morris Hamburg

  • "A time series consists of statistical data which are
    collected, recorded & observed over successive increments."
       - Patterson

  • "A time series may be defined as a collection of magnitudes
    belonging to different time periods, of some variable or
    composite of variables, such as production of steel, per capita income,
    gross national product, price of tobacco, or index of industrial production."
       - Ya-Lun Chou

  • "When quantitative data are arranged in the order of their
    occurence, the resulting statistical series is called a time series."
       - Wessel & Willett

  • "Time series analysis is used to detect patterns of change
    in statistical information over regular intervals of time.
    We project these patterns to arrive at an estimate for the future."
       - Levin & Rubin

Father of Indian Statistics
Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis